Losing FaceBook?

Ok so FaceBook is flopping around like a wet flounder fresh out of the bay

Facebook: The canary in the social networking coal mine by ZDNet‘s Dan Farber — Facebook has stirred up a great deal of controversy and now harsh criticism with its Beacon advertising program. Three weeks after launching Beacon Facebook, the company did a 180-degree turn to make it more palatable for users rather than advertisers. It still fell short of the total opt-in approach that some critics called for. Coke, one […]

I won’t comment on this. What I do want to know though is, what’s up with the sandals? Ok FaceBook with your defiant pose, we see your Adidas sandals and sweet up-turned collar. Now, I’m not one who dresses to impress very often, accept for wild, after-hours business meetings…

Spidey Dave

But when your company’s run by people who are too young to remember how cool the original Spider Man was, this kind of confusion often sets in.


So let’s turn down the collar, hike up the sag in the pants and show a little appreciation for the users who helped make FaceBook what it is, instead of treating them like something sticky on the end of the Green Goblin’s crooked nose. Evidently, this profile of the Green Goblin states that he is 5′ 11″ and 185 lbs, not that I dispute this but I’m just amazed that someone actually got close enough to the Green Goblin to find these facts.


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