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Thanks Bill and Microsoft for screwing up my weekend

by on Feb.24, 2008, under Adobe Flex, Nonsense, PXL Info

And costing me time and money I might add. It’s a good thing I came across this article online the other day. It seems that ole Bill and his pals at Microsoftunfurled their latest monkey patch for Vista in the form of Service Pack 1. Nothing new here, no big deal, but for me it was a big deal :)

My software, Attest, the Adobe Flex 2 Certified Developer practice exam happens to use it’s copy protection from a company that just so happens to be one of the very few on a list of other companies who’s software is affected by this update. Most of the other companies directly affected by SP1 are primarily made up of anti-virus, internet security, and anti-spyware manufacturers…….you know, no big deal. Who cares for that kind of software anyway, not Bill!

So as you can see, Bill releases monkey patch for Vista, that makes certain software programs explode that otherwise worked great, so those companies release updates for their products and “stuff” rolls downhill…….good thing I noticed that my software would be mangled and created an update, or I may have been hit with a ton of support issues without knowing that Bill decided to revamp his OS yet again.

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What is oDesk all about exactly?

by on Feb.19, 2008, under Actual RIA info, Adobe Flex, Intense Nonsense

In a recent post, I made a comment or two about some quality projects I’ve found on oDesk.com. Apparently, some have questioned my understanding of oDesk, so I decided to take a deeper look into the site and their services.

Hmmm, yup, says here:

Welcome to oDesk, the online staffing marketplace connecting businesses (Buyers) to remote workers (Providers).

Seems to me they provide a marketplace for connecting businesses to remote workers. This isn’t exactly a new concept, there are other sites out there not unlike oDesk (guru.com, gofreelance.com, ifreelance.com) and the list goes on and on.

All these sites are more or less the same deal, companies post projects and look for workers to make a match. Outsourcing I like to call it, though I hardly coined the term, you may have heard of it before. Nothing wrong with the sites themselves, including oDesk. Some sites provide better deals than others of course, and some have more quality project postings than others. Let’s do a comparison for giggles.

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Add me too! I’m now an Adobe Flex Developer Community Champion

by on Feb.05, 2008, under Actual RIA info, Adobe Flex, PXL Info

How cool is that? I was taking a break from running around like a nut all day between Flex and running errands when I saw a box on my front porch. Hmmm, I didn’t order anything, but none the less, I was surprised and very honored when I opened up the box and saw that I was joining the ranks of the Flex Developer Community Champions!

I’ve been so busy this last two weeks or so that I slacked off on the blog posts for a bit, but I did see on MXNA that Sean Moore, and Chad Udell posted they got the same package in the mail. Congratulations guys!

It’s definitely an honor to receive the recognition and join the team. Many thanks to Suzanne Nguyen and the team at Adobe! I remember trying to explain what Flex was to fellow developers back in 2006 when I was a Flash consultant, and it’s awesome to see it develop and grow and gain in popularity the same way I watched Flash grow since it’s infancy. The coolest part is that there is such a strong community that started out not too far back, and I’m seeing it grow faster every day. More and more companies and developers are catching on about Flex and joining up on FlexCoders, checking out Flex.org for info. I remember when there were but 4-5 components up on the Adobe Flex Exchange and now it’s filling up with heaps of cool stuff donated by the community.

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