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Earth Hour rocked!

by on Mar.30, 2008, under PXL Info

A very cool idea, turn off your lights for one hour and save tons of electricity for your city, help the environment, and make a statement. For those who haven’t heard, Earth Hour started in Sydney Australia in March 2007, 2.2 million people and 2100 Sydney businesses turned off their lights for one hour, and last night millions of Americans and countless other countries joined in. Very cool!

I decided that PXL Designs, LLC certainly must go green. Last night between 8-9pm I turned everything off and camped out in the living room with the acoustic guitar and had a sort of dimly lit party by candle light. It’s a small price to pay to make such a huge difference, and the coolest part is showing the big corporations that the PEOPLE on this planet don’t like the silliness going on. Grass roots movements are extremely cool! Big cities like Chicago, Atlanta, Phoenix and San Francisco joined in last night to make a statement. Not surprisingly, my old stomping grounds, NYC didn’t sign up, but I tend to think that has more to do with Mr. Bloomberg than the citizens of NY. Most of them that I know would and have joined in, but Bloomies wouldn’t want you to turn off his wonderful tv channel lest you be awakened from your hypno-stock exchange induced trance for a while and slip out of his control. Ha, just joshing ya Mike…..ya basti’d :)

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Flash Player too slow for iPhone?

by on Mar.05, 2008, under Actual RIA info, Apple

Or the iPhone is just another piece of O’Crapple. O’Crapple, my word for over priced crap from Apple. According to Information Week, Steve Jobs was quoted as saying that the Flash Player for the desktop

performs too slow to be useful on the iPhone

and that the mobile version of Flash

is not capable of being used with the Web

Steve Steve Steve. This from the same company that makes mice with one button. Now before we start a flame war where I’m accused of hating Macs, let me first say that I was a Macintosh user way before I ever used Windows. I currently use both. In fact, I was just looking to upgrade my G4 since it’s an old paper weight now. So rather than sort through the silly prices, I figured a new Mac Mini would suit my purposes just fine. While searching for one, I found heaps of them that were preloaded with…..oh man, Windows OS?! Ah yes, the old legacy of the Apple logo.

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