Any plans out there for an AS3 Photobucket library?

I’ve been working with the AS3 Flickr library trying to make MyStylez cooler with some Flickr + AIR drag and drop goodies and was thinking I’d eventually try to work in the Photobucket API too.

I haven’t seen any ActionScript library projects yet, but then again I’ve been sitting in the dark for two weeks writing code and staying away from the sun…very healthy indeed. You may have noticed I didn’t exactly go to town on the blogging either, pardon my absense 🙂 as I’ve been wholly absorbed with so much code flying through my neurons I feel like my head could split.

Does anyone know of any plans to crank out an AS3 lib for the Photobucket API? If so, I might want to jump on that one.



  1. Quentin

    No ideas either, but I’d be interested too!
    By the way, isn’t the as3flickrlib Google group a little bit dead?

  2. Dave (Post author)

    It’s on my list of things to look into…if I wasn’t so busy. But a photobucket as3 library would be very cool. The guys on the flickr AS3 lib are still going at it when they can. They keep the svn updated still.

    One of these days I might try to tackle some of it myself, let me know if you’d be up to it and we can slap something up on Google code.

  3. Quentin

    Sure, I’d be glad to help!
    But these times are very busy ones so this is gonna be hard…

    I’ll let you know if I get some free time!

  4. Dave (Post author)

    I hear ya Quentin, it’s tough to find the time, that’s the thing with this market especially. This summer may or may not get really busy for me very soon, but I’ll find out soon enough!

    Once I have some time, I’ll at least get something started and if it’s decent we can put it up on Google code. Keep in touch and let me know if you hear anything about a PB AS3 lib.

  5. Luke

    Here’s a first version of an AS3/OAuth library for the Photobucket API:

  6. Dave (Post author)

    Completely awesome! I’ll be taking a look into the code this week to see if I can get MyStylez working with PB. I always liked Photobucket more than Flickr, so this is awesome!

    Must be a fairly new project though? I searched all over a while back and didn’t see anything out there just yet, but the API was only released a while ago methinks.

    Good stuff! Thanks for posting the link. I might jump on the project myself, and Quentin who posted earlier will be interested. Thanks again!

  7. Quentin

    Great news!
    I’ll have a look into this…

  8. Dave (Post author)

    I worked in the PB as3 library and it was insanely simple and easy to use. You’ll like it! Let me know if you need any samples to get stuff working. I only used a few method calls, but it all worked like a charm so far.

  9. Quentin

    This is really great news, unfortunately I don’t have much free time, but I’ll try to have a look this week end!

  10. Dave (Post author)

    Hopefully you’ll get some time soon, its tough, I hear ya. But if you need some samples of the PB lib, give me a hollar. It was cake!

  11. Quentin

    Sure I will!
    I’m mostly interested in the log+upload parts… Don’t know if you tested that?

  12. Dave (Post author)

    Got them both up and running in under and hour, and i have sample code for ya, just let me know. If I get time maybe I’ll post some samples on the blog too.

  13. Snow

    Hi Dave

    Was wondering if you could post some sample code?

    I am trying to use Actionscript 3 in Flash to log+upload to Photobucket. I’ve downloaded the AS3/OAuth library from but I haven’t figured out what to do with it. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.

  14. Dave (Post author)

    Hey Snow,
    I posted a zipped up src directory for a sloppy AIR test I made months ago when I first posted this.

    The as3crypto swc is in there too, you’ll need to drop it in your libs folder of your project.

    *Note: I only tested this again and tonight, and although it worked perfectly months ago, AIR has been updated since then as well as the photobucket api. So I got the dreaded null obj ref error when running it tonight real quick:

    TypeError: Error #1009: Cannot access a property or method of a null object reference.
    at flash.html::HTMLLoader/onFocusOut()

    Most likely it’s because this code base is from an older version of AIR, but I haven’t had time to debug tonight. So if you can squash that bug, the rest should be fine. The guys on the PB dev team were a massive help when I first put this together, but I think that bug is from an AIR versioning issue because I haven’t touched this in a long time.

    Here’s the zip let me know if you get a chance to debug it. Normally, I’d take care of it myself first before posting, but I’ve been busy as all hell lately, sorry.

  15. Snow

    Hi Dave

    Thanks for the quick response! Much appreciated.

    I’ll download your zip and take a look. If I can squash that bug I’ll let you know.


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