Not only were there plans for the Photobucket AS3 lib…

They’re basically done! I just got finished working it into MyStylez today for easy drag/drop functionality while building MySpace layouts. The AS3 library itself is extremely well done and easy to use, took me no time at all. Great job Photobucket gang!

Going forward, I know which api I’ll be using for online image sharing šŸ˜‰ I know some other AS developers, like Quentin, who commented on the last post were searching too and we didn’t see anything up on Google code yet, so we planned on maybe starting up a project. The guys at Photobucket beat us to it. So that was an easy job for us, can’t beat that!

Updating MyStylez with the Photobucket api for drag and drop went well easier than I had planned, that’s because I thought I’d be creating a brand new library to work with the api. Ahh a pleasant surprise! Nice work again!

So I guess you can call MyStylez a true mashup now that it uses Photobucket and Flickr. It has nothing to do with the MySpace api because there’s no fun to be had there. I think the MySpace api is just for apps that run purely on MySpace. Exciting…ehem.

If you were looking, like Quentin and myself, to mash up AIR with Photobucket, now you have something to do. You’ll enjoy working with the library. I’d like to try out a bunch of other methods on the api but that would entail having a creative brain wave on some new AIR app. I’ll keep you posted šŸ™‚



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