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Life on Mars and now we’re 3D Holograms

by on Jan.16, 2009, under Intense Nonsense

Where the hell have I been? I slacked on blogging while working on a big Flex project for the past few months that gobbled up all conceivable time, and when I return, scientists say they may have evidence of life on Mars and we’re all a great big 3D hologram. Or so they suspect.

They’re thinking the existence of methane gas on Mars suggests there are little microscopic martians swimming around under the dirt and farting up a storm. If they do discover life, it would put an end to the age-old question of whether there’s other intelligent life in the Universe. The answer would be yes and no. Although you might think microscopic critters swimming around farting aren’t altogether brilliant, I’ll bet they can give many people here on Earth a run for their money. I wonder if the martians decided to try and make contact now because they saw some methane plumes from Earth. I just recently adopted a lost Beagle wandering around the front yard and I can tell you, with his gas problems, if there is life on Mars, I’m sure they can see his plumes before his doggy rescue.

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