Buy American…but don’t pay for Attest 1.5 though

Ok that’s an excuse, but a good one! I finally bought myself a Fender FSR Highway One Stratocaster HSS

Fender Highway One Strat HSS - wahooo!

made in the USA of course 🙂 Needless to say, I got NO work done the rest of the day…well no RIA work anyway. Man this is one sexy guitar!

Sorry, I had to share my euphoria though. With this thing in the office, I’ll have a hard time getting any work done. Anyway, I’ve been working my rump off on a bunch of different things but mostly I’ve been cranking on Attest 1.5.  It’s built in Adobe AIR (see PXL blog for the full scoop). This is current being tweaked and tested, and will be available shortly. The coolest news is that it’s free for non-commerical use. If you want to get certified in Flex 3/AIR, you’ll want to download this AIR app when it’s finally released.  I’ve taken a way longer time getting it out than I had originally planned on, but with my work load, and being a one man show so far, it’s been tough.

I’ve also been working on my first Ruby on Rails app for a client, amongst heaps of other things, and I have to say I really dig RoR.  Ruby’s syntax takes some getting used to for me because I’ve always worked with C-based languages. It reminds me more of Basic, but I like the whole set up and how easy it is to get a database connected site up and running fast. There will definitely be more Rails apps created at PXL in the future. For this release of Attest 1.5 (not calling it 2.0 yet) I wanted to set up the questions and answers with a RESTful webservice built with RoR. But that’ll probably come in the future (not that it makes a difference for end users) but I’d like to create it 🙂 For now though, Attest is done differently than version 1.0.

When I had originally built it, it was done in Adobe Apollo but I couldn’t monetize the app. Many things happened since the first release, and with the economy sucking turd I don’t want to charge for regular devs like myself going forward.  So I’m going to give the full version for nada, unless you happen to be a large telecom who’s spying on my transmissions as I write this blog post (I’m looking at you Comcast, and I’m not laughing) then you’re going to pay for it! I’m all for Buy American, and that’s what ocurred to me after I got the Fender…it’s a small thing but I did technically help out the economy and my greedy guitar lust 🙂 by buying this fine mama jamma! Attest, however, is made in the USA and you, the every day shmoe like myself  will no longer pay for it.

Onward and upwards, if you’re a developer like me, and you want to add yet another credential to your resume, study with Attest 1.5, take the exam for $150 bucks, and get it behind you. There was a discussion on the Adobe Flex Developers group on LinkedIn yesterday about just that…should I bother to get certified in Flex 3 or not?  I’m pretty biased obviously but I added my two cents regardless.  If you’re interested in taking the cert exam, if you’re looking for study material to gauge your readiness, enjoy Attest 1.5.  It’s another contribution to the community at large and will be available before the end of March. My apologies for being so late on this release.

The plan is to finish up what I have first, then I have some great Flex/AIR developers who have enlisted to help out on some  pre-release testing, and it’s on track to be released before the end of March.  Until then, relax your mind a bit…maybe buy yourself the Fender you always wanted, or read the news

and wonder if the folks at MXC (Most Extreme Elimination Challenge)

had advance knowledge of angry pink dolphins.  And look for Attest 1.5 on the PXL blog in a few short weeks.


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