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Where have I been again? I don’t remember sometimes…oh wait, working constantly! Inundated with work and slacking off on the blogging again. I was at CF United, and that was very cool. Learned heaps, caught up with old friends, drank beer, learned more, played golf, drank more beer, and so on.

Besides that, I’ve just been insanely busy (what’s new) pitching gigs, winning some, losing some, running away fast from others, and working secretly on Attest in the wee hours on top of everything else. Check out the PXL Blog for more (much much more soon), even if you’re not looking to get Flex certified or not interested in Attest, you’ll be very interested in some of the Adobe MAX goodness next week – mwahahha! Shhh, say no more…say no more, wink wink, nudge nudge, does she go aye?

On top of that, I’ve been updating MezzyShredder.com with new content, many a late night. He joined a new band, formerly called LOCKJAW, currently called War Horse. I defy even Yngwie Malmsteen to play faster or better than this man 😛

Besides his band’s demo and performances, he’s teamed up with artist Scythen Hade and released their first album on iTunes called Elements of Time.

Mezzy Shredder and Scythen Hade Check out the NEW Mezzy Shredder and Scythen Hade album entitled ‘Elements of Time’ on iTunes!
I know of a few people who will be happy to finally get their hands on a real album instead of eating up my bandwidth listening to songs.

War Horse is actually highly likely to go tour next year in Europe, which would be insanely cool! I’ve posted new pics, songs, videos, and there’s a ton more coming soon. They’re currently recording their demo album and Mezzy is going to send much more material, so keep an eye out (or ear open) for updates.


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  1. Anonymous

    wicked dezire men in blue .you tube ross on drums.c,mon mezzy. i see the light tonight .ym .remember.

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