RAO Inc Traveler’s Tongue Apps created with PhoneGap

Where have I been? It’s been a while since I blogged, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been a busy programmer. I’m back to regale you with snarky wittiness and some good code. After the Great Flash Crash of 2012, like most of us I reluctantly ventured back to the world of DOM hell. Having started my career in the DOM, it was easy to transition back despite my reluctance. One of the first projects I got to work on with Holly Schinsky was rebuilding the RAO Inc language apps (which used to be AIR mobile) to utilize Ionic/AngularJS/PhoneGap. This series of apps has had its tech stack updated many times but without further ado, I give you the RAO Inc Traveler’s Tongue series.

Currently, you can install Spanish for Mexico, French, German, and Italian. Soon to be released are Russian, Spanish for Spain, Chinese, and Japanese. All apps have good ratings so far. They contain 50 of the most common phrases you’ll need while traveling overseas. Click on a phrase and you’ll hear the audio English and translated pronunciation.

RAO Spanish



RAO French



RAO Italian



RAO German






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