Dave FlatleyI’ve been a programmer for many moons (about 17 yrs now).  I founded PXL Designs, LLC in December ’06 and have been going at it full time on my own since then. I’ve worked as an Independent Contractor for Fortune 500 companies on large teams, and start-ups alike.

I’m an Adobe Certified Expert in Flex 4, as well as a Flex Community Champion. I’ve written articles and sample Flex applications for the Adobe Developer Connection, and Zend Developer sites. For me, programming is what I love to do, so I’m fortunate to have made a career and started a business in a field that interests me.

I started my career as a DOM-wrangling HTML/JS web developer in the NJ/NYC metro area and have since moved to Virginia where I continue to work at my company. Over the years, I worked my way from the land of DOM to middleware technologies such as PHP, Java, and C#. Once I found out how much I liked middleware, I kept going on delved into database technologies like MySQL and MSSQL. Most recently, my favorite tech stack seems to be AngularJS/Ionic/PhoneGap (Cordova) for iOS and Android mobile platforms, and NodeJS for web. Whenever asked, I’ll always tell you that I love my LAMP stack too, most of the Amazon EC2 instances I’ve run have utilized LAMP stacks and it’s where I’m most comfortable.

You’ll find a few of my contributions to the developer community out on the internets, like the PXL MP3 Player built in Flex 3.0, the source code (written on the Cairngorm 2.2 framework) can be found here on PXL Blog.

With the help of my colleague Holly Schinsky we wrote Attest, the Adobe Flex 4 ACE practice exam, which has gained an awesome reputation for helping developers pass the real exam with high scores.

You can find some useful code and info here as well as some good laughs, complete nonsense, and late night ramblings as advertised.

When I’m not coding, I’m playing guitar (real guitar, not Guitar Hero, which I stink at), reading, writing, drawing, building something with my hands, grilling, playing with the dog, mountain biking, fishing, or getting frustrated with the PS4.

Below is a list of articles and samples I’ve written or worked on for Adobe and Zend:

  1. Using Flex Ant Tasks to build Flex projects – Part 1
  2. Using Flex Ant tasks to build Flex projects – Part 2:
  3. Connecting Flex 4 and RESTful Web Services using Zend Framework
  4. Spark intranet sample application
  5. Tour de Flex
  6. DigiPri Widgets sample application


  1. ryan flatley

    whats up Dave? We are related somewhere.. Music is in our business. Anyways, my dad is Patrick, mom Patricia and brother Kyle… We are from Wisconsin living in Indianapolis, Indiana now.. Just wanted to give a headz up for the Flatley Fam.

    Ryan Flatley and Fam

  2. Dave (Post author)

    Hey Ryan,
    All Flatleys are welcome here! Happy Easter to the rest of us by the way 🙂 There are definitely tons of us out there, so I’m sure we’re related somehow. I’ve actually met tons of other Flatleys out there. I sent you an email for more info if you want to trace the roots back.

    For my quick family roots, I’m the son of Tom Flatley, oddly enough, he’s also the son of Tom Flatley Sr. and Peg Flatley. I have a brother Michael (not the Lord of the Dance, but the Lord of World of Warcraft more likely) and sister Catie.

    As far as I know, I’m the only musician in our branch 🙂 We’re all from NJ originally, and my Dad traced our roots back to Boston I believe.

    But welcome again, and keep in touch.

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