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by on Sep.29, 2009, under Actual RIA info, Adobe AIR, Coolness, Electric Mayhem, Intense Nonsense, PXL Info

Where have I been again? I don’t remember sometimes…oh wait, working constantly! Inundated with work and slacking off on the blogging again. I was at CF United, and that was very cool. Learned heaps, caught up with old friends, drank beer, learned more, played golf, drank more beer, and so on.

Besides that, I’ve just been insanely busy (what’s new) pitching gigs, winning some, losing some, running away fast from others, and working secretly on Attest in the wee hours on top of everything else. Check out the PXL Blog for more (much much more soon), even if you’re not looking to get Flex certified or not interested in Attest, you’ll be very interested in some of the Adobe MAX goodness next week – mwahahha! Shhh, say no more…say no more, wink wink, nudge nudge, does she go aye?

On top of that, I’ve been updating MezzyShredder.com with new content, many a late night. He joined a new band, formerly called LOCKJAW, currently called War Horse. I defy even Yngwie Malmsteen to play faster or better than this man :P

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What economic crisis? Surely not for RIA developers!

by on May.02, 2009, under Actual RIA info, Adobe AIR, Adobe Flex, Apple, Coolness, Intense Nonsense

To say I’ve been busy is an understatement. Where to start? They tell me there’s an economic meltdown going on. My question is, where? If you’re an RIA developer, especially a Flex developer, I can’t imagine you’re having a tough time finding gigs. Unless there’s just so many of us now that there’s actually competition?

My thorough lack of writing on my FUN blog parallels my thorough lack of sleep. It’s tough running a company on your own, especially when it’s a teeny tiny RIA firm and you’re completely lost when keeping records in QuickBooks. So what have I been up to? For starters, I updated a bunch of stuff on MezzyShredder.com. Added tons of videos of him playing with his band Wicked Society ( signed on a B & G Music label ) and YouTube. So if you’re into Black Label Society-style music, go check out Mezzy shredding like none other!

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Buy American…but don’t pay for Attest 1.5 though

by on Mar.05, 2009, under Actual RIA info, Adobe AIR, Adobe Flex, Coolness, Intense Nonsense, Nonsense, PXL Info

Ok that’s an excuse, but a good one! I finally bought myself a Fender FSR Highway One Stratocaster HSS

Fender Highway One Strat HSS - wahooo!

made in the USA of course :) Needless to say, I got NO work done the rest of the day…well no RIA work anyway. Man this is one sexy guitar!

Sorry, I had to share my euphoria though. With this thing in the office, I’ll have a hard time getting any work done. Anyway, I’ve been working my rump off on a bunch of different things but mostly I’ve been cranking on Attest 1.5.  It’s built in Adobe AIR (see PXL blog for the full scoop). This is current being tweaked and tested, and will be available shortly. The coolest news is that it’s free for non-commerical use. If you want to get certified in Flex 3/AIR, you’ll want to download this AIR app when it’s finally released.  I’ve taken a way longer time getting it out than I had originally planned on, but with my work load, and being a one man show so far, it’s been tough.

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Life on Mars and now we’re 3D Holograms

by on Jan.16, 2009, under Intense Nonsense

Where the hell have I been? I slacked on blogging while working on a big Flex project for the past few months that gobbled up all conceivable time, and when I return, scientists say they may have evidence of life on Mars and we’re all a great big 3D hologram. Or so they suspect.

They’re thinking the existence of methane gas on Mars suggests there are little microscopic martians swimming around under the dirt and farting up a storm. If they do discover life, it would put an end to the age-old question of whether there’s other intelligent life in the Universe. The answer would be yes and no. Although you might think microscopic critters swimming around farting aren’t altogether brilliant, I’ll bet they can give many people here on Earth a run for their money. I wonder if the martians decided to try and make contact now because they saw some methane plumes from Earth. I just recently adopted a lost Beagle wandering around the front yard and I can tell you, with his gas problems, if there is life on Mars, I’m sure they can see his plumes before his doggy rescue.

The new CEO of PXL Designs, LLC

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Hostile takeover for Yahoo?

by on Apr.07, 2008, under Intense Nonsense, Microsoft

So Bill is at it again, gobbling up everything in his path. This time he sent Steve Ballmer to beat up Yahoo! and watching the two companies have a pissing contest is too fun! Yahoo thought Microsoft made an indecent proposal so they sent Steve Ballmer a snippy response, and MS’s answer to that is “tough crap beotch, take our offer or we’ll sweep the rug out from under your feet”. Personally, I think MS should be neutered at this point, buy nothing else until you pay off your bills first (like fines and taxes)

I decided it’s too much fun to watch the big guys go at it and was curious as to what the general consensus is for those following, or involved in, the Yahoo! vs Microsoft match.

Poll Answers

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What is oDesk all about exactly?

by on Feb.19, 2008, under Actual RIA info, Adobe Flex, Intense Nonsense

In a recent post, I made a comment or two about some quality projects I’ve found on oDesk.com. Apparently, some have questioned my understanding of oDesk, so I decided to take a deeper look into the site and their services.

Hmmm, yup, says here:

Welcome to oDesk, the online staffing marketplace connecting businesses (Buyers) to remote workers (Providers).

Seems to me they provide a marketplace for connecting businesses to remote workers. This isn’t exactly a new concept, there are other sites out there not unlike oDesk (guru.com, gofreelance.com, ifreelance.com) and the list goes on and on.

All these sites are more or less the same deal, companies post projects and look for workers to make a match. Outsourcing I like to call it, though I hardly coined the term, you may have heard of it before. Nothing wrong with the sites themselves, including oDesk. Some sites provide better deals than others of course, and some have more quality project postings than others. Let’s do a comparison for giggles.

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Is Bill Gates retiring from retiring?

by on Jan.07, 2008, under Intense Nonsense

Anyone know? Apparently, July 2008 is the start of the transition for Microsoft. So will the man be retiring or just swapping titles to Great and Powerful Oz, and sending his army of GatesBots, made out of lesser parts of Gates himself, to overrun the circuit boards of the world with new and more powerful buffer overflows? According to the article on Microsoft, he’s now going to

transition out of a day-to-day role in the company to spend more time on his global health and education work

MS Help

Global Health and Education work?
I’m not sure I want to know more about what that entails, but no doubt it’ll end up bringing MS more money in the long run. I have but one major gripe with Bill though, before you turn over your immense power to the rest of the company, could you squeeze in the “Setup Project” functionality Visual C# 2005 Express? It’s cool to be able to build applications for free, but I might one day want to actually pass them along to folks to install on their machines. In the meantime, I’ve been using the Inno Setup (great program) but it would be nice to actually be able to build what one creates and be able to deploy it in the same development environment. Just a thought.

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The Dave Flatley Medical Plan – cost $0 per month

by on Dec.19, 2007, under Intense Nonsense

It’s my intention to post more about my gripes, after all, that is partly the reason I started this blog in parallel with my company blog where I have to write more professionally. It’s quite possible I might offend a few folks and lose some popularity myself, maybe I’ll gain popularity for calling it as I see it, I don’t know? But if I end up tossing my company in the toidy bowl for my personal views than so be it, I didn’t start my company purely for profit after all.

I can hear Jacob Marley yelling at ole’ Ebenezer

Ebenezer: But it was only that you were an honest man of business!
Jacob Marley: BUSINESS? Mankind was my business! Their common welfare was my business!

And who wants to go out like Jacob? Not me! So let me state for the record that there will be more griping here and in general, if I find a business that likes to dish out slaps in the face for Christmas, I’m going to feel free to share my experience with you all. Maybe you’ve had similar experiences and would care to share? Maybe you work for these companies and would like my address so you can send your security task force over to inject me with arsenic via a 007-style umbrella? I have to give fair warning, I’m quite adept at the drunken monkey style of Kung Fu. wakaaaaa!!!!

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PS3 not kind to PS2 games

by on Dec.13, 2007, under Intense Nonsense

My favorite game in the world….Socom Combined Assault. I’ve been hooked on the Socom series for years now. And although I said I wouldn’t fall into the PS3 trap until the prices went way down, I ended up getting one a while back.

So Zipper just released 2 map packs (with some of my old favorites from older Socom’s) and I bought and tried to download them. AFTER purchasing them I keep getting an error that says I can’t install them, there’s no hard drive. Heh, there’s a pretty big hard drive there, can’t ya find it?? Ya pos!!

Here I am reading and reading on what kind of a hack I have to implement to install these damn things on my PS3. What? Is Sony taking backwards compatibility lessons from Microsoft? ARGHhhh!!! It also says all sales are final and no refunds? Oh no you dit-int!!! I’ll find a way to install these maps or I’m going to be slightly miffed on the phone with tech Sony tech support.

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Going Postal on my Mail

by on Dec.06, 2007, under Intense Nonsense

I can’t figure this one out. For some reason, only over this past year, my mail has been showing up super late and completely mangled. The funny part is it’s always the important pay checks, never the spam, never the unwanted “new line of credit” envelopes, and never the vouchers for a sale on framed Yellow Java Stick Insects to go with my framed Green Java Stick Insects.

No, they never seem to demolish the letters offering a buy one get one free Kitty Wig. Not poking fun, by the way, if you purchase a Kitty Wig, 20% of their profits are donated to the ASPCA quarterly. But it’s always the paychecks…ONLY the paychecks. Until today. Today they went to far.

I received a completely dilapidated envelope containing a Christmas card from my Aunt. How it survived the journey, or what heroic deeds it may have committed along it’s path I’ll not find out. The point is, against all odds, it arrived and somewhat legible. Thanks post office. Through rain, sleet or snow, we will drag your mail all the way to your door step.

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