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Adobe Native Extension for iOS Game Center – Part 2

In part one of this series, you created the Actionscript 3 library, Objective C static library and wrapped it all together in a beauteous Adobe Native Extension (ANE) for use in your Flash mobile app. By now, you’re able to…
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Adobe Native Extension for iOS Game Center – Part 1

With the advent of Adobe Native Extensions (ANE’s) Flash platform developers have been fully unleashed upon the mobile OS scene. Your Flash apps now have full access to all native features through ANEs. This two part series will get you…
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Attest 3 – Adobe Flex 4 ACE Certification mock exam released today

For whatever reason, my personal blog has much more traffic than PXL Blog. Maybe it’s the crazy YouTube videos? Or the shameless ramblings during the wee hours fixing bugs? Whatever the case may be, I figured I’d blog twice about…
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