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Buy American…but don’t pay for Attest 1.5 though

by on Mar.05, 2009, under Actual RIA info, Adobe AIR, Adobe Flex, Coolness, Intense Nonsense, Nonsense, PXL Info

Ok that’s an excuse, but a good one! I finally bought myself a Fender FSR Highway One Stratocaster HSS

Fender Highway One Strat HSS - wahooo!

made in the USA of course :) Needless to say, I got NO work done the rest of the day…well no RIA work anyway. Man this is one sexy guitar!

Sorry, I had to share my euphoria though. With this thing in the office, I’ll have a hard time getting any work done. Anyway, I’ve been working my rump off on a bunch of different things but mostly I’ve been cranking on Attest 1.5.  It’s built in Adobe AIR (see PXL blog for the full scoop). This is current being tweaked and tested, and will be available shortly. The coolest news is that it’s free for non-commerical use. If you want to get certified in Flex 3/AIR, you’ll want to download this AIR app when it’s finally released.  I’ve taken a way longer time getting it out than I had originally planned on, but with my work load, and being a one man show so far, it’s been tough.

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Life on Mars and now we’re 3D Holograms

by on Jan.16, 2009, under Intense Nonsense

Where the hell have I been? I slacked on blogging while working on a big Flex project for the past few months that gobbled up all conceivable time, and when I return, scientists say they may have evidence of life on Mars and we’re all a great big 3D hologram. Or so they suspect.

They’re thinking the existence of methane gas on Mars suggests there are little microscopic martians swimming around under the dirt and farting up a storm. If they do discover life, it would put an end to the age-old question of whether there’s other intelligent life in the Universe. The answer would be yes and no. Although you might think microscopic critters swimming around farting aren’t altogether brilliant, I’ll bet they can give many people here on Earth a run for their money. I wonder if the martians decided to try and make contact now because they saw some methane plumes from Earth. I just recently adopted a lost Beagle wandering around the front yard and I can tell you, with his gas problems, if there is life on Mars, I’m sure they can see his plumes before his doggy rescue.

The new CEO of PXL Designs, LLC

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Check out Mezzy Shredding!

by on Sep.15, 2008, under Coolness

This deserves its own post. My buddy Mezzy and I shot a quick video under 60 sec to enter him in the Dean Shredder Search. I’ve posted his latest demo with No Wasted Motion on his site www.mezzyshredder.com and I’ll get some more video of him shredding like no man as soon as I can.

Vote for me at DeanGuitars.com/Shredder!

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SWF file format becomes SEO friendly

by on Jul.01, 2008, under Actual RIA info, Adobe Flex

Just read on the Washington Post that Adobe is working with Google and Yahoo to make SWFs readable/visible to search engines. Completely awesome news! That’s been a major draw back for other Flash/Flex developers for years, that the search engines can’t read content inside a swf . The article states that this is a first step, it’s not a complete answer, but it’s progress.

I’ll have to look into this more as time permits. Is this a technology/API that we as developers work into our apps? Or, it seems from the article that it’s going to be part of the Flash Player itself in conjunction with Yahoo/Google’s technology so there may be no new steps needed to get your Flash/Flex app or website indexed on the biggies.

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Not only were there plans for the Photobucket AS3 lib…

by on Jun.02, 2008, under Adobe AIR, Adobe Flex

They’re basically done! http://code.google.com/p/photobucketas3lib/ I just got finished working it into MyStylez today for easy drag/drop functionality while building MySpace layouts. The AS3 library itself is extremely well done and easy to use, took me no time at all. Great job Photobucket gang!

Going forward, I know which api I’ll be using for online image sharing ;) I know some other AS developers, like Quentin, who commented on the last post were searching too and we didn’t see anything up on Google code yet, so we planned on maybe starting up a project. The guys at Photobucket beat us to it. So that was an easy job for us, can’t beat that!

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Any plans out there for an AS3 Photobucket library?

by on May.01, 2008, under Adobe AIR, Adobe Flex

I’ve been working with the AS3 Flickr library trying to make MyStylez cooler with some Flickr + AIR drag and drop goodies and was thinking I’d eventually try to work in the Photobucket API too.

I haven’t seen any ActionScript library projects yet, but then again I’ve been sitting in the dark for two weeks writing code and staying away from the sun…very healthy indeed. You may have noticed I didn’t exactly go to town on the blogging either, pardon my absense :) as I’ve been wholly absorbed with so much code flying through my neurons I feel like my head could split.

Does anyone know of any plans to crank out an AS3 lib for the Photobucket API? If so, I might want to jump on that one.

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Hostile takeover for Yahoo?

by on Apr.07, 2008, under Intense Nonsense, Microsoft

So Bill is at it again, gobbling up everything in his path. This time he sent Steve Ballmer to beat up Yahoo! and watching the two companies have a pissing contest is too fun! Yahoo thought Microsoft made an indecent proposal so they sent Steve Ballmer a snippy response, and MS’s answer to that is “tough crap beotch, take our offer or we’ll sweep the rug out from under your feet”. Personally, I think MS should be neutered at this point, buy nothing else until you pay off your bills first (like fines and taxes)

I decided it’s too much fun to watch the big guys go at it and was curious as to what the general consensus is for those following, or involved in, the Yahoo! vs Microsoft match.

Poll Answers

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Earth Hour rocked!

by on Mar.30, 2008, under PXL Info

A very cool idea, turn off your lights for one hour and save tons of electricity for your city, help the environment, and make a statement. For those who haven’t heard, Earth Hour started in Sydney Australia in March 2007, 2.2 million people and 2100 Sydney businesses turned off their lights for one hour, and last night millions of Americans and countless other countries joined in. Very cool!

I decided that PXL Designs, LLC certainly must go green. Last night between 8-9pm I turned everything off and camped out in the living room with the acoustic guitar and had a sort of dimly lit party by candle light. It’s a small price to pay to make such a huge difference, and the coolest part is showing the big corporations that the PEOPLE on this planet don’t like the silliness going on. Grass roots movements are extremely cool! Big cities like Chicago, Atlanta, Phoenix and San Francisco joined in last night to make a statement. Not surprisingly, my old stomping grounds, NYC didn’t sign up, but I tend to think that has more to do with Mr. Bloomberg than the citizens of NY. Most of them that I know would and have joined in, but Bloomies wouldn’t want you to turn off his wonderful tv channel lest you be awakened from your hypno-stock exchange induced trance for a while and slip out of his control. Ha, just joshing ya Mike…..ya basti’d :)

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Flash Player too slow for iPhone?

by on Mar.05, 2008, under Actual RIA info, Apple

Or the iPhone is just another piece of O’Crapple. O’Crapple, my word for over priced crap from Apple. According to Information Week, Steve Jobs was quoted as saying that the Flash Player for the desktop

performs too slow to be useful on the iPhone

and that the mobile version of Flash

is not capable of being used with the Web

Steve Steve Steve. This from the same company that makes mice with one button. Now before we start a flame war where I’m accused of hating Macs, let me first say that I was a Macintosh user way before I ever used Windows. I currently use both. In fact, I was just looking to upgrade my G4 since it’s an old paper weight now. So rather than sort through the silly prices, I figured a new Mac Mini would suit my purposes just fine. While searching for one, I found heaps of them that were preloaded with…..oh man, Windows OS?! Ah yes, the old legacy of the Apple logo.

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Thanks Bill and Microsoft for screwing up my weekend

by on Feb.24, 2008, under Adobe Flex, Nonsense, PXL Info

And costing me time and money I might add. It’s a good thing I came across this article online the other day. It seems that ole Bill and his pals at Microsoftunfurled their latest monkey patch for Vista in the form of Service Pack 1. Nothing new here, no big deal, but for me it was a big deal :)

My software, Attest, the Adobe Flex 2 Certified Developer practice exam happens to use it’s copy protection from a company that just so happens to be one of the very few on a list of other companies who’s software is affected by this update. Most of the other companies directly affected by SP1 are primarily made up of anti-virus, internet security, and anti-spyware manufacturers…….you know, no big deal. Who cares for that kind of software anyway, not Bill!

So as you can see, Bill releases monkey patch for Vista, that makes certain software programs explode that otherwise worked great, so those companies release updates for their products and “stuff” rolls downhill…….good thing I noticed that my software would be mangled and created an update, or I may have been hit with a ton of support issues without knowing that Bill decided to revamp his OS yet again.

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