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Adobe Native Extension for iOS Game Center – Part 2

by on Feb.06, 2012, under Actual RIA info, Adobe AIR, Adobe Flex, Apple, Coolness, iOS, Mobile

In part one of this series, you created the Actionscript 3 library, Objective C static library and wrapped it all together in a beauteous Adobe Native Extension (ANE) for use in your Flash mobile app. By now, you’re able to connect to Apple’s Game Center, but you don’t know it yet. This post will will show you how to make use of your ANE to invoke the loginUser, showLeader, and showAchievements methods in your native library.

At this point, you should have created the BazingaANE.ane (or whatever you named yours) and you’re ready to use it in your app.

The full code is located here on Github.

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Adobe Native Extension for iOS Game Center – Part 1

by on Feb.06, 2012, under Actual RIA info, Adobe AIR, Adobe Flex, Apple, Coolness, iOS, Mobile

With the advent of Adobe Native Extensions (ANE’s) Flash platform developers have been fully unleashed upon the mobile OS scene. Your Flash apps now have full access to all native features through ANEs. This two part series will get you ready to integrate your own Flash games with Apple’s Game Center so you can start concentrating on making your fortune.

For brevity, this post is only going to show you how to do three things with Game Center, authenticate the user, show leaderboards and show achievements. I noticed during my Google sessions, there are many other people looking for the same integration with Game Center ANEs for Flash mobile games, so this will show you the bridge to achieve that goal, and the rest of the implementation is up to you. By the end of this post, you’ll understand how to submit achievements or scores, etc, all the things we’re not doing in this post.

Because I can’t say this enough, I’ll post it in bold: IMPORTANT - You need a decent understanding of ANE creation in general and setting up apps with iOS Developer Portal and iTunes Connect for Game Center. Without those prerequisites, you won’t get much from this post.

Whatever, just show me the code!

Github code repository for the entire project.

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Flash Player too slow for iPhone?

by on Mar.05, 2008, under Actual RIA info, Apple

Or the iPhone is just another piece of O’Crapple. O’Crapple, my word for over priced crap from Apple. According to Information Week, Steve Jobs was quoted as saying that the Flash Player for the desktop

performs too slow to be useful on the iPhone

and that the mobile version of Flash

is not capable of being used with the Web

Steve Steve Steve. This from the same company that makes mice with one button. Now before we start a flame war where I’m accused of hating Macs, let me first say that I was a Macintosh user way before I ever used Windows. I currently use both. In fact, I was just looking to upgrade my G4 since it’s an old paper weight now. So rather than sort through the silly prices, I figured a new Mac Mini would suit my purposes just fine. While searching for one, I found heaps of them that were preloaded with…..oh man, Windows OS?! Ah yes, the old legacy of the Apple logo.

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Software to bug ratio

by on Dec.05, 2007, under Apple

It goes without saying that with new software comes new bugs. I like to write about some of these bugs, having written a few good ones myself. In fact, I consider myself somewhat of a Digital Entomologist in a manner of speaking. While out hunting some rare, or not so rare species to give me ideas on what a new bug should NOT look like, I ran across this one…

This Leopard bug beats anything Vista has to offer by ZDNet‘s Adrian Kingsley-Hughes — In this blog I’ve highlighted a number of Vista related bugs, some of which are trivial, others pretty serious, but today I’ve come across a bug in Leopard that beats anything Microsoft has to offer in Vista hands down – this bug is serious because it causes widespread data loss, and it’s easy to replicate.

I’m thinking that this may not be a bug however. This could be a whole new way of combating attacks to your personal, or company data via the internet. The theory, in short, would be that if one has no data what to speak of, or their data is deleted on a regular basis should they try to create new data, how then would one be in danger of compromising their important data? Brilliant!

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Apple’s QuickTime receiving secret security tutoring from Microsoft?

by on Dec.03, 2007, under Nonsense

I just read this

Apple QuickTime under siege by ZDNet‘s Ryan Naraine — Not counting silent (undocumented) fixes, Apple has patched at least 32 security flaws affecting QuickTime in 2007. Last year, the QuickTime patch count was 28. Five was documented in 2005. There’s no real end in sight…

It seems that Apple needs to spend less time watching movie trailers and start taking a page from Microsoft’s book on security. Wait no, I take that back. DON’T go with Microsoft’s tutorials if there’s such a thing!

Users clamoring again for an Internet Explorer 8 update by ZDNet‘s Mary Jo Foley — On the one-year anniversary of the launch Internet Explorer (IE) 7, the IE team posted yet another “stay tuned” message to the IE team blog, regarding an informational update on IE 8. And users are none too happy about the continued silence of the IE team.

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