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Adobe Native Extension for iOS Game Center – Part 2

by on Feb.06, 2012, under Actual RIA info, Adobe AIR, Adobe Flex, Apple, Coolness, iOS, Mobile

In part one of this series, you created the Actionscript 3 library, Objective C static library and wrapped it all together in a beauteous Adobe Native Extension (ANE) for use in your Flash mobile app. By now, you’re able to connect to Apple’s Game Center, but you don’t know it yet. This post will will show you how to make use of your ANE to invoke the loginUser, showLeader, and showAchievements methods in your native library.

At this point, you should have created the BazingaANE.ane (or whatever you named yours) and you’re ready to use it in your app.

The full code is located here on Github.

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Adobe Native Extension for iOS Game Center – Part 1

by on Feb.06, 2012, under Actual RIA info, Adobe AIR, Adobe Flex, Apple, Coolness, iOS, Mobile

With the advent of Adobe Native Extensions (ANE’s) Flash platform developers have been fully unleashed upon the mobile OS scene. Your Flash apps now have full access to all native features through ANEs. This two part series will get you ready to integrate your own Flash games with Apple’s Game Center so you can start concentrating on making your fortune.

For brevity, this post is only going to show you how to do three things with Game Center, authenticate the user, show leaderboards and show achievements. I noticed during my Google sessions, there are many other people looking for the same integration with Game Center ANEs for Flash mobile games, so this will show you the bridge to achieve that goal, and the rest of the implementation is up to you. By the end of this post, you’ll understand how to submit achievements or scores, etc, all the things we’re not doing in this post.

Because I can’t say this enough, I’ll post it in bold: IMPORTANT - You need a decent understanding of ANE creation in general and setting up apps with iOS Developer Portal and iTunes Connect for Game Center. Without those prerequisites, you won’t get much from this post.

Whatever, just show me the code!

Github code repository for the entire project.

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(Shibuya-beta) Adobe’s Try/Buy service for AIR applications

by on Oct.10, 2009, under Actual RIA info, Adobe AIR, Adobe Flex, Coolness, PXL Info

Ok so it takes me a while to catch up on the blogging. MAX is over and the secrets are out. One thing I was particularly happy about was the new Shibuya Beta program, where Flex developers could incorporate Adobe’s licensing framework and start selling AIR apps.

My colleague Holly Schinsky and I were invited to be part of the super early beta program before MAX, which was extremely cool. This is huge for AIR developers because we now have a fully supported means of monetizing our applications. In the early days of Apollo (AIR’s beta name) I had come up with the idea for Attest (mock exam software for Adobe’s Flex certification) while studying myself. There was nothing on the market and I had compiled heaps of data while studying, so I thought it would make for a nice side project.

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What economic crisis? Surely not for RIA developers!

by on May.02, 2009, under Actual RIA info, Adobe AIR, Adobe Flex, Apple, Coolness, Intense Nonsense

To say I’ve been busy is an understatement. Where to start? They tell me there’s an economic meltdown going on. My question is, where? If you’re an RIA developer, especially a Flex developer, I can’t imagine you’re having a tough time finding gigs. Unless there’s just so many of us now that there’s actually competition?

My thorough lack of writing on my FUN blog parallels my thorough lack of sleep. It’s tough running a company on your own, especially when it’s a teeny tiny RIA firm and you’re completely lost when keeping records in QuickBooks. So what have I been up to? For starters, I updated a bunch of stuff on MezzyShredder.com. Added tons of videos of him playing with his band Wicked Society ( signed on a B & G Music label ) and YouTube. So if you’re into Black Label Society-style music, go check out Mezzy shredding like none other!

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Not only were there plans for the Photobucket AS3 lib…

by on Jun.02, 2008, under Adobe AIR, Adobe Flex

They’re basically done! http://code.google.com/p/photobucketas3lib/ I just got finished working it into MyStylez today for easy drag/drop functionality while building MySpace layouts. The AS3 library itself is extremely well done and easy to use, took me no time at all. Great job Photobucket gang!

Going forward, I know which api I’ll be using for online image sharing ;) I know some other AS developers, like Quentin, who commented on the last post were searching too and we didn’t see anything up on Google code yet, so we planned on maybe starting up a project. The guys at Photobucket beat us to it. So that was an easy job for us, can’t beat that!

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Up and Running on MXNA

by on Jan.12, 2008, under Actual RIA info, PXL Info

Another voice for Adobe Flex and RIA Technologies

Thank you thank you! It’s good to be here. I finally got the cooler blog aggregated on MXNA. It’s been a bit slow trying to get listed, probably due to the holiday season but I’m here at last.

For those who don’t know, I’m the same guy who runs PXL Blog. The reason for this blog is 1. WordPress is much cooler than Nucleus CMS in my opinion, 2. I get to yak about other things in life than Adobe Flex, Flash, AIR, and other technologies, although you will find many code samples here.

Here are some of the better tutorials for Adobe Flex that I submitted for the Flex CookBook, and some Adobe AIR info:

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Center Registration Point – Another Recipe for the Flex CookBook

by on Dec.27, 2007, under Actual RIA info, Adobe Flex

Here’s a little recipe for scaling an image from a center registration point. Flash always allowed you to bounce the registration point wherever you wanted, but Flex expects it on the top left. If you want to resize an image from the center evenly, with a horizontal slider for example, you’ll like this one.

First the MXML. This layout is simple, it basically just has the small script with a function to accept a SilderEvent when the user changes the value of the horizontal slider. This function then uses the static functions (calcX() and calcY()) in the ImageResizer class to calculate the new math and tell your image how to resize properly from the center.

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An Update on Flex Hourly Rates, and then some

by on Dec.11, 2007, under Adobe Flex

Sean the Flash Guy posted a few days ago about the charts on HotGigs.com showing currently hourly rates for Flex Developers. When he posted it originally, the rates were between $60-80 in just a matter of a few days however, the rates went through the roof :)

I’m thinking some peeps jumped on there and set HotGigs.com straight. If so, bravo! Here’s what they’re showing at the day of this post:

Flex Hourly Rates - Dec 07

That’s a big change in a few days. Is this thing accurate? We’ve all been burned by outsourcing at one point or another I’m sure, but here’s a little contrast for ya. Here’s a site devoted to indentured serv….er…I mean outsourcing, oDesk.com. That link takes you to a Flex job that pays a hefty $16.33/hr. For a bonus, I think they slap you across the mouth when you’re done. That’s just one of their jobs, and I’ve seen others while surfing. There are a ton of grossly underpaid job postings, and with our powerful economy, I’m thinking they’ll have a hard time finding someone will to work for a slap in the mouth. Alright, that was sarcastic.

I’m more familiar with Indeed.com and their graphs, which are supposedly actually reflected by current job posting trends (searches by keywords in job postings). Here’s one for example for a search of adobe flex, adobe flash.

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