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Socom Map Packs Working on My PS3

by on Dec.30, 2007, under Electric Mayhem, Nonsense

A little update on my favorite pass-time. I was FINALLY able to get the Socom Combined Assault Map Packs working with my PlayStation 3. You’d think that the big hard drive would someday prove useful to somebody, but in the meantime, I was able to get these stupid map packs working ONLY on my iPod. Purchased, downloaded, installed and at long last, they’re working.

There are hoards of other people with PS3′s that bought the map packs and later found out they couldn’t play them. Hopefully, this will prove useful to you. For Sony to build the PS3 and not enable backward compatibility….argh!!! What are you people taking lessons from Microsoft now?

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PS3 not kind to PS2 games

by on Dec.13, 2007, under Intense Nonsense

My favorite game in the world….Socom Combined Assault. I’ve been hooked on the Socom series for years now. And although I said I wouldn’t fall into the PS3 trap until the prices went way down, I ended up getting one a while back.

So Zipper just released 2 map packs (with some of my old favorites from older Socom’s) and I bought and tried to download them. AFTER purchasing them I keep getting an error that says I can’t install them, there’s no hard drive. Heh, there’s a pretty big hard drive there, can’t ya find it?? Ya pos!!

Here I am reading and reading on what kind of a hack I have to implement to install these damn things on my PS3. What? Is Sony taking backwards compatibility lessons from Microsoft? ARGHhhh!!! It also says all sales are final and no refunds? Oh no you dit-int!!! I’ll find a way to install these maps or I’m going to be slightly miffed on the phone with tech Sony tech support.

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